Dispute Mediation

If litigation has already started or is imminent, or you are thinking of enforcing or defending your rights, you probably need Dispute Mediation. This process leads towards the settling of specific claims, although preserving business relationships can also be an aim.

Family Mediation

Divorce, dissolution or separation is stressful and communication can be very difficult.  Increasingly courts are seeing themselves as a last resort method of resolution and expect a couple to find their own solutions. Certainly courts are expecting applicants to have given serious consideration to mediation.  Through Family Mediation a couple can find the solutions that work for them, whether to the detail of child care or to issues over finance.

Tax Mediation

Rapproches’s unique position in relation to Tax Mediation will be explained shortly.

Family Conferencing

Just like other groups of people, families have problems.  Many of these are impossible, or at least extremely ill-suited, to resolve through litigation.  They include sharing assets, reorganising a family business, dealing with inheritances and establishing and financing care for the elderly.  Rapproche can help in these cases.  We use our experience and skills to establish a process that enables everyone to be heard and the most acceptable and practical solutions to emerge.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is to enable work colleagues to sort out misunderstandings between them and put their working relationship back on a firm footing.  Early intervention can avoid more formal processes, such as grievance or disciplinary procedures.  These are confrontational, whereas mediation can defuse tension through a less divisive process.

Organisational Mediation

Organisational Mediation is for people that have ceased to work together effectively. Typically there will have been some breakdown in trust that is now undermining the group’s aims. Organisational Mediation works towards re-establishing the group’s purpose, rebuilding of relationships and changes in behaviour and process that will keep things on track in the future. Sometimes, the outcome is the recognition that the group no longer has a common aim and that more radical changes are needed.

…and the boundaries are sometimes fluid – one of the advantages of Rapproche mediators is that we are able to use our skills in Organisational and Personal Mediation to help rebuild relationships as part of Dispute Mediation and will be equally comfortable if what starts as Organisational Mediation heads towards settling claims.