Organisational Mediation

What is Organisational Mediation?

Organisational mediation is about people working together more effectively. If you are part of a group that could be more effective or have a higher level of consensus, read on; if you are thinking about enforcing rights, go to Dispute Mediation.

Organisations or groups work best where people are able to be open and honest with each other about their feelings and views. From such a position the group can establish its shared goals and reach a consensus about how to achieve them. Rapproche can guide you through a process that will enable your group to reach its performance potential.

How mediation works

A key to mediation is the role of an independent neutral person – the mediator – in enabling others to clarify the areas of agreement and of difference. The skill of the mediator enables the people involved to express their feelings and views about what is happening, first privately to the mediator and then directly to each other. Another key to mediation is confidentiality. Whatever the mediator hears from someone privately, that person has control of the extent to which their views are reported to the others. This enables everyone to explore their real feelings and hear their true voice in confidence. It also gives the mediator a unique perspective on the issues so that they can take responsibility for raising (unattributably) what needs to be debated.

What Organisations or Groups Does This Apply To?

It is difficult to narrow down the groups that can benefit from organisational mediation. Examples include:

  • Co-owners or partners in a business
  • Directors of a company
  • A particular team in an organisation
  • Joint venturers
  • Project team from partner organisations
  • Clients and providers for out-sourced services
  • Trustees of a charity or other not-for-profit organisation
  • Governors of a school
  • SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • OMEs (Owner Managed Enterprises)
  • Public Private Partnerships

Next Steps

For an initial discussion with no commitment about how Rapproche can help or how to get others to engage with the process.