How we help

Butterflies How do Rapproche help?


Already in, or close to, litigation?  We see the issues, hear all sides and promote clarity leading to understanding.  We are experienced in the psychology of relationships and have top-flight legal experience.  Rapproche mediators respect the role of the advisers and never forget that the dispute, and its resolution, belong to the participants.  By listening, encouraging, challenging and supporting we provide parties with the best possible environment to end their dispute on acceptable terms and we can assist in drawing up the settlement agreement.  For more go to Services: Dispute Mediation


Separating or divorcing?  We can help you find the best outcomes for care of any children and rearrangement of your finances.  See Services: Family Mediation

Is some disagreement in your family souring relationships or proving intractable?  About a business, perhaps, or an inheritance, or possibly about even more sensitive issues, such as care for an older member.  Rapproche can create a process for you to explore your differences in safety and with respect and so find resolution.  See Services: Family Conferencing


Rapproche is uniquely placed to assist in the newly developing field of tax mediation.  Our combination of high level UK tax practice and deep experience of varying models of mediation and conflict resolution are second to none.  Watch as we update this site in response to the recent publications of HMRC,


Struggling to get along with someone you work with?  Is the working relationship between some of your colleagues damaging your productivity or the atmosphere in your business?  Rapproche will listen to all sides of the issue and enable honesty, clarity and awareness to emerge and underpin the re-establishment of a harmonious working relationship – see Services: Personal Mediation


Is some failure fully to agree holding back your organisation or clouding its future? Wherever the issue lies, owners, senior management or within a specific team, Rapproche can intervene to promote awareness of differences and consensus whether that leads to a settlement agreement or informal changes in practice. By meeting key people privately Rapproche can unearth differing views and hold safely an opportunity for all to share their fears and aspirations. This leads to honest understanding and progress.  For more go to Services: Organisational Mediation