Please feel free to discuss fees with us – we will always be competitive.

As an indication, for a full day’s Dispute Mediation you might expect to pay from £1,500 to £3,000 or more, depending on the number of parties, the value of the dispute and the amount of required reading. Fees are usually shared equally among the parties. Half day mediations are cheaper.

A typical full day Workplace Mediation is from £750.

Family Mediation is usually priced at £150 ph for meetings, substantive telephone calls and drafting documentation.

Organisational Mediation and Family Conferencing are tailored to the circumstances.  We would normally quote for an initial series of diagnostic interviews with the key people and a report as to the next recommended actions, which might well be a meeting of all those key people facilitated by Rapproche.

Expenses, such as travel, accommodation (where necessary) and any costs of the venue are charged at cost.

Terms: fees are payable seven days in advance of the mediation or other work we are to do.