Dispute Mediation

We are strong believers in the ability of the parties to grasp the opportunity of a well run mediation to get a perspective on their dispute – and settle it in a manner that is acceptable to all involved. This guiding philosophy gives our clients the chance to minimise costs and risks by ending the dispute privately and with a solution they can live with.

New to Mediation?

Mediation is a process for the parties to a dispute to resolve it with the help of a neutral intermediary. For a fuller explanation of what mediation is and why it is so effective go to Resources: Publications to view or download Rapproche’s Introduction to Dispute Mediation.

Experienced Litigator or Adviser?

You already know the role mediation can play in bringing disputes to an end in a way that parties can live with and you know how mediations work. We leave advisers to advise and see our role as ensuring the process supports and reinforces the power of the parties to decide the outcome.

We are not just ex-lawyers; we have much more to offer. Our other roles have taught us that conflict is mostly about people and how they get on, not the law or even the facts of the dispute, although we are well capable of understanding both where necessary.

So we aim our mediations at enabling the people to focus widely on their best interests, weighing up properly the value of settling against the possible outcomes of continuing the litigation and guiding them through their meetings with the other side to maximise the chances of settling.