Do Your Pets Need Multivitamins?


Most of us are in the habit of daily taking a multivitamin.  While we aim to eat a sensible, balanced diet with the everyday stresses and responsibilities it’s not something we achieve all of the time.  So taking a multivitamin makes sure we are not missing out on any of the vital micronutrients we need to keep our bodies operating correctly.  But have you ever stopped to consider that your pet may also need a multivitamin?

Reasons Why Your Pet Might Need Multivitamins

Just like humans, animals get their nutrients from their food.  So whether your pet does or does not need multivitamins depends on what you are feeding him.  Like so much else in life, you get what you pay for.


The high-end more expensive pet foods that are advertised as “complete and balanced” are usually specially formulated to contain all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your pet requires.  However if you are using cheaper brands or making your pet food yourself you may need to double check that your pet’s diet contains all the micronutrients it needs to stay healthy.

There are other factors to consider as well.  Obviously each variety of pet is different but let’s look at dogs as an example.  However good the dog food you buy it will have to have been designed for a standardised “average” dog.  Any variant from the ‘average’ would make a difference to how ideal the food is for your dog. The nutritional needs of a large dog such as an Alsatian are going to be different to the needs of a small dog like a Highland Terrier. While you maybe feeding them a dog food that is “balanced and complete” you would feed the smaller dog less and the bigger dog more, resulting in them getting different …

Talking to the Enemy

I listened last night to Jonathan Powell’s repeated Radio 4 programme on negotiating with terrorists. There were some great quotes to remember.  Jerry Kelly – IRA terrorist – on sitting down with the Unionists – “You can only negotiate, and move things forward, with opponents.  You can talk to friends all day”.  How to deal with anger and tension – “I usually let them shout for a bit then I say ‘I think it’s time we had a coffee and I think we are going to get there this way. And if you guys want to go back to war, go to it, it’s what you have been doing for 50 years.  But that’s not what this is about.”  And the bicycle theory – you have to keep it moving forward because if it falls over it’s very hard to pick up again.

It is still available on the BBC iPlayer until 28th July – click here. I shall be looking forward to next week’s final part.


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