Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Rapproche provides exceptional expertise and experience in resolving disputes in business, work, family and other professional and private settings.

Empowering people to find solutions

Our aim is to empower people to reach their own solutions.  We encourage all concerned to express themselves, if necessary confidentially, and establish safe ways in which each party can communicate appropriately with the others involved in the dispute.

Wide ranging skills and experience

We combine real experience and understanding of the psychology of relationships with top-flight legal practice. This enables us to mediate even the most complex disputes.  Our skills and experience range from classic commercial disputes, community, workplace and family mediation through to relationship rebuilding, team development and personal and organisational change.

Resolution is about people

Above all we remember that a dispute may be about events but resolution is about people. Conflict is derived from problems in the relationship or communication. These have to be addressed on the way to an enduring settlement.

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